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Jerry A Jacobs of Miami, Florida - The Importance of Continuing Your Education

As a graduate of Florida State University, Jerry A Jacobs understands just how important it is to get a good education before you start your career. However, during the course of working as a financial professional in Miami, he has also come to realize just how important it is to bolster this education regularly.

Updated Information

In many lines of work, the information that you learn during your college career may become outdated in fairly short order. This is particularly true in the financial sector, as changing laws and regulations mean that new techniques need to be adopted in order to provide the best possible service to your clients. With continued research, you will ensure that you stay on top of your game and continue to offer a great service.

Staying Fresh

If you spend too long maintaining your status quo, you’re going to find it that much more difficult to pick up new information when you need to. By continuing to educate yourself, even if that means simply refreshing your memory when it comes to existing knowledge, you will keep your mind fresh and be more able to learn new information when needed.

Improved Confidence

Jerry A Jacobs has found that self-confidence is extremely important when helping clients in Miami, Florida with their financial issues. If you allow your knowledge to stagnate, you can no longer claim expertise in your field of business. This can cause a crisis of self-confidence, particularly when clients start asking questions you can no longer answer, making you appear less professional as a result.

Jerry A Jacobs of Miami, Florida - Eye for Detail

One of the main qualities that Jerry A Jacobs’ clients admire in his work is his eye for detail. When offering advice to businesses in Miami, Florida, he makes use of a methodical method that ensures all of the decisions he makes are sound. He has the following advice for people who are looking to develop their own eye for detail.

Create a Routine

By creating a personal routine for yourself, which means developing a daily schedule that you stick to as closely as possible and creating rituals for when you wake up and go to bed, you are coaching your mind to be alert to changes. Any small thing that disturbs this routine, which becomes second nature over time, will be spotted by you. By transferring this approach to your work, you are better able to spot issues.

Limit Distractions

Distractions can cause your mind to wander, which can lead to you skimming over important documentation and failing to provide the service that your clients expect. Whenever you’re working, try to maintain a quiet environment. Switch off your phone and make sure you don’t have access to anything that pulls your eyes away from your work.

Take Breaks

Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida has found that spending too much time focusing on a single task can lead to you wearing out your brain, which soon has an effect on your ability to concentrate. If you feel yourself starting to struggle, take a step away from the work and relax for a few minutes, be it by taking a stroll on the beach in Miami, Florida or simply enjoying a warm drink. You will be able to approach your work again with fresh eyes, allowing you to spot issues you might otherwise have missed.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida – Three Ways Financial Services Companies Can Utilize Social Media​

Jerry A. Jacobs was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He is an Executive Vice President with a financial services company and has been working in the financial services industry in Miami for over 30 years. He is a good understanding of how the industry works and how companies can succeed in financial services. Here are three ways that financial services companies can better utilize social media.

  • It is important to remember that usually when a customer needs to contact their financial services company, it is an emergency because financial services companies control their customer’s financial lives. This means that when a customer contacts the social media account of a financial services company that company needs to respond immediately. Financial service companies should use social media as a way to provide high-quality customer service.
  • Financial service companies need to have plans in place for the unexpected. For example, if a financial services industry has a data breach, or a scandal with one of their executives, their needs to be a ready-made response that can be immediately posted on social media accounts. Social media should be used as a PR tool.
  • Financial services companies can use social media is a way to lobby for change towards how financial services companies can use social media. For example, cell phone companies and their products receive thousands of reviews, allowing customers to assess a product before purchasing. Yet, customers of financial services companies cannot endorse financial service companies on LinkedIn for example.

Jerry A. Jacobs attended Florida State University and returned to Miami upon graduating, in pursuit of a career in the financial services industry.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida – Three Tips for Making Contributions to an IRA

Jerry A. Jacobs is a professional in the financial services industry in Miami, Florida. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is an Executive Vice President for a financial services company in Miami. His company specializes in providing a host of financial services to both individuals and businesses. One of the many services they provide is in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s). Here are three tips for making contributions to an IRA.

  • Setting up an automatic investment plan that helps make sure the IRA contribution required per year is met is a good way of maintaining an IRA account. This ensures that individuals do not have a problem meeting the deadline for IRA contributions, which would result in losing thousands of dollars in future potential growth. This gives people one less thing to worry about.
  • People aged 50 and over can contribute $1,000 more than the $5,500 max contribution per year allowed by the IRS. This is known as the "catch-up" provision and it allows older individuals to save more money for retirement. This is a key advantage that older IRA holders should take advantage of.
  • Elder people over the age of 70 can work part-time jobs and still make contributions towards IRA’s for their children, grandchildren, and themselves. This is a great way to contribute to and secure the financial future of a loved one. It is common for elderly people to stay active by working part-time jobs, and contributing to an IRA is something they could take advantage of.

Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida is a graduate of Florida State University. After he graduated from FSU he returned to Miami, Florida to pursue a career in the financial services industry.

Wise Investing 101

The name of the game in investing is diversification. If you have a diverse, well-maintained portfolio, your investments will continue to pay you dividends long into old age, allowing you to retire, buy that boat, or prepare for the kind of life-changing purchases in your future, such as houses or cars. There are also a few ways to maximize your long-term investments to ensure that you get a steady income no matter what kind of risks you took in your investments.

If you hope to earn anything from investing, you have to take on some kind of risk. The key to smart investing is to manage those risks with a diverse portfolio. By making smart investments in many different areas, such as precious metals, stocks, and bonds, you won’t ever get hung out to dry if one particular market bursts or stock prices fall across the board.

Smart investors tell their clients to avoid buying single stocks if they can and instead invest in index funds, or whole markets. Markets can collapse, but they are much easier to get out of in time than single stocks, whose value can fluctuate greatly in no time at all. Owning a few bonds is a safe investment as well, ensuring that you will get small but regular dividends for a long time.

Jerry A Jacobs Miami Florida can help you find the best places to put your money. He has had decades of success helping clients manage their investments and keeping their assets allocated properly.

Finding Safe Places to Put Your Money

Investing is all about finding the best places to put your money so that it grows and pays you dividends over time. All investment is about risk. There are never completely safe investments that pay out high yields. Don’t listen to advisors who promise you low-risk, high yield investments, because they don’t exist. Typically, high yields require high risks, and low risks don’t pay out huge yields. That said, there are many safe investments you can make if you’re patient and willing to take on some kind of risk.

One safe investment is in your education. With student debts rising rapidly over the past few years, it may seem scary to invest in education. But if you can find a way to get a degree in a rising field, you will be able to get excellent returns from your investment in education. This is a great option for those with four-year degrees already who want to learn more skills and add to their professional experience and skill set.

Another safe investment is starting your own business. This is only safe, of course, if you have some training, usually through a business school, and you not only know how to run a business, but you have valuable products or services to sell. There is risk involved even for well-educated businessmen and women with great skills and great ideas, of course, and your business could still fail.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida can help you invest in stocks and bonds to grow a diverse portfolio over time. If you have invested in education or your own business already, or you want to dip your toe into the stock market, call Jerry.


How to Invest Your Money the Smart Way

If you’re saving for retirement, good for you. You’d be surprised by how many people put off this important life investment until it’s too late. Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve already made retirement plans. When planning for retirement or for any other large future expense, there are many things you should remember to do to be successful.

First, you have to start early. Starting to save for retirement or that vacation you’ve always wanted with not enough time makes it much more difficult to build up the kind of savings you’ll need. If you think about it, it makes sense. If you don’t give yourself the time to build your investments and save money, how do you expect to get what you need when you need it. A 25 year old who starts putting away money for retirement will have more time to get to his or her goal, and will have to save less on a regular basis than someone wanted to start setting aside retirement money at age 55.

Second, set clear investment and savings goals for yourself. Do some research and estimate how much money you’ll need to retire by a certain age and create a plan come up with that money by a certain date. Sure, plans can come undone, but it’s much easier to adjust a plan than it is to create a new one from scratch.

Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida is one of the best financial advisors in the area, and he loves to create investment and savings plans for people.


Jerry A. Jacobs of Miami, Florida – Three Tips for Maximizing a 401(k)

Jerry A. Jacobs is an Executive Vice President for a financial services company in Miami, Florida. His company specializes in providing businesses and clients help and advice with their investments, income plans, and trading plans. One of the many services that they provide is help with 401(k)'s. Here are three tips for maximizing a 401(k).

The one percent rule is a golden rule that will maximize 401(k)’s over the course of a person’s professional career. The idea is to increase the amount that a person contributes to their 401(k) by one percent per year. This will slowly put more money per year into a person’s 401(K) without seriously causing damage to their budget.

When someone gets a bonus, they should live off of that bonus for the month and max out their 401(k) for the month by placing their salary into their plan instead of their checking account. This way instead of having extra money for that month, more money is put into the 401(k) that can be used in the future.

It is important to take advantage of old 401(k) plans that are left over from previous jobs. It is important to transfer that money from previous 401(k)'s when leaving for a new job, otherwise all that money that was saved and worked for goes unused. This would be a waste not only of money but also the time spent saving that money.

Jerry A. Jacobs was born and raised in Miami, Florida and moved back to his hometown in pursuit of a career in the financial services industry after graduating from Florida State University.